About Us

About us

Mengdi Italia srl is an Italian company with its headquarters in Prato. It is the Italian Division of Mengdi Group, a Chinese company well known in the garment industry for more than 3O years.

Every year our customers entrust us with the development of over 4,000 styles. Our production sites have a thirty-year experience in the sector of fully fashion knitwear, jerseys and sweatshirts as well as in the woven items.

The owner of Mengdi Italia is Monica Vannacci, who founded the Italian division of the group in 2011. At the beginning of her career, Monica’s technical training in the textile sector enabled her to get to know the practical aspects of production. She finds this understanding useful today while resolving the many challenges that arise in the course of a production project.

Thanks to the professional experience gained while working for several important international fashion companies like R.H. Macy’s, Bally Trading A.G. and Escada, she was able to acquire a profound knowledge of the various phases of conception & design, production and marketing of a fashion collection.

Monica Vannacci had her first experience with the Chinese production reality
in 2000 and since then, initially as an employee and, from 2007 onwards, with her own company, she has been taking care of the development and production of fashion collections in China on behalf of European customers.

In these years, she had ample possibility to establish valuable business relationships with her Chinese partners. Thanks to this and to the structure of her company, these partners were able to respond to the demands of the Western market for everyone’s satisfaction.

Mengdi Italia was founded as a result of the privileged relationship and the mutual respect that has grown, during the years of their close cooperation, between Monica Vannacci and Tom Zhu, Chief Executive Officer of Jiaxing Mengdi. This is the reason why Mr. Zhu saw in Monica the ideal partner for the Mengdi Group in Italy.

Customers who come to Mengdi Italia find a consolidated company with in- depth knowledge of the requests, tastes and trends of the European market. The highest demands are fully met by our producers. They are among the best the garment industry has to offer in terms of quality standards and production capacity.

One of the many points in our favour is also our very own Italian creativity. We are proud of our historical archive of styles, which is at the disposal of our customers, of our ongoing research of techniques and materials and of our cooperation with the Design Studio of Sonia Beconcini. Thanks to this partnership several important and innovative projects have been developed, the latest one being the creation of a brand designed in Italy but produced and distributed in China: Pescallo. Dedicated to the world of knitwear, this brand is a true guide in styles and trends.