Sailor Fashion Fall Winter 2017 Trend

What is new about next Fall Winter 2017 trends? The tendency to remind the sailors’ world through accessories, colours and details


Time to have a look at next Fall Winter 2017 Trends

Sailor Fashion Fall Winter 2017 Trend styles

Why is it the time to start talking about Sailor Fashion Fall Winter 2017 Trend ?

The Pre-Fall 2017 Collections already flooded the catwalks with their wonderful styles and colours. A true explosion of various interpretations concerning the idea of ‘contemporary’, ‘stylish’ and ‘trendy’.

Have you taken a look at them?

Notwithstanding the several different directions taken by each stylist, it is however possible to already recognize the main trends. 

Sailor Fashion Brief History Highlights

Sailor Fashion Fall Winter 2017 Trend fancy yarns

When talking about next trends, the Sailor Fashion Fall Winter 2017 Trend needs for sure to be mentioned. Actually, Sailor Fashion is a trend that has endured over many years. According to reports in fact, it first begin in 1846, when Queen Victoria dressed her son with a sailor suite in order to get aboard the Royal Yacht. Since then, the nautical fashion occasionally peeps out over the decades. From the end of the 1800s up to the present, this timeless style continues to appear from time to time in the collections of the main stylists that have influenced and continue to influence our society.

How Sailor Fashion becomes one of the Fall Winter 2017 Trends?

Sailor Fashion Fall Winter 2017 Trend maxi sequins

Nothing easier.

Parts of the sailor daily clothing are borrowed and inserted as details on trendy garments. In this way, a rough common rope becomes fancy and feminine. Gold buttons placed as on sailor styles become accessories not to be missed.

Stripes, no matter whether big or tiny, complete the outfit confering either a sporty or an elegant look. Sequins appear preferably in big sizes and indisputably add the last but not least “must” of this mood: a touch of shiny charm.

The main stylists have scattered the catwalks with these sailor-like details. In such a way that sailor jacket can be declared out of doubt an unmissable piece of clothing for the next Fall-Winter 2017 season.

Most trendy colors of Sailor Fashion Fall Winter 2017 Trend

Sailor Fashion Fall Winter 2017 Trend materials

Concerning colors, it goes without saying that the most important ones of this Sailor Fashion Fall Winter 2017 Trend are the blue, the white and the red.

The sailor blue and dark blue are predominant, nevertheless the white also plays an important role.

The red slightly soften the set of colours, giving an appeal of unconscious passion as well as a coloured touch.

Finally the light beige and the black complete the color card, lending it a more sophisticated air.

These colours perfectly fit with this seafaring mood and are skilfully mixed paying attention to maintain a feminine look.

Get inspired by…

Sailor Fashion Fall Winter 2017 Trend styles

Sailor Fashion Fall Winter 2017 Trend is therefore unveiled, you can start to think about nice outfits and accessories.

Scattered all along the article are some pictures taken from the nautical mood developed by our company, emblematically called “Fashion Wave”. You can check them out and see if you find some styles from which to get inspired by.

If instead you would like to know more about Sailor Fashion, I suggest you to have a look at this interesting article that I found on the web: